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CUSTOM CLOUD STORAGEControl. Secure. Flexible.

Full Control No Hassle

Data is your most important asset. Don't give up control of your data. With CBIT's Custom Cloud Storage solution you get all the benefits cloud storage brings, yet retain full control of your data. You can customize rules, policies, authentication, rentention, revisions, external access and much more. In addition you can connect to multiple cloud providers seamlessly, giving you options and flexibility. CBIT manages the cloud infrastructure so you don't have to. It is the best of both worlds.


Storage Options

You can use our storage or your own cloud storage. Choose from Amazon, Microsoft, Google and other cloud storage providers. Seamlessly integrates multiple storage options into a single solution.

Network Drive

Map as a network drive for ease of use. Local applications have seamless access to files in the cloud.

Sync Any Local Folder

Select any local folder for two-way sync. Access documents from any device at anytime.


Customizable to meet your requirements. Capable of meeting FISMA, FedRAMP, HIPAA, SOX and other mandatory laws and regulations. Data encryption, two-factor authentication, remote wipe and more.

Access Control

Flexible options to fit any environment. Built-in user account management, Active Directory integration, restrict by domain name and more.

User Friendly

desktop apps, mobile apps and web portal is intuitive and easy to use.

File Versioning & Recovery

Maintain unlimited versions and recover accidentially deleted files.

Auditing & Logging

Capture the What, When, Who and How of every user actions. Download all reports as a standard CSV file to analyze or import into other tools.


Securely share and synchronize files with team members. Receive notications of changes, leave comments, lock files and more. Support on Windows 7, Windows 10, Apple iOS & Android devices. The standards based web interface works with any popular browser on any platform.

Try it today FREE! Simply send us a request and we will email you instructions and access information for a 15-day free trial. No credit card, no gimmicks, no hassles.

Sycure IT Services, Virtual CTO, Cloud Consulting